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Dr.Web CureIt is a free antivirus program from the famous developer. It is able to scan your computer and detect the presence of various viruses. After finding infected files the program tries to cure them. If failed, it sends them to quarantine. The program successfully fights all forms of viruses trojans, dialers, spyware etc. Antivirus databases are updated regularly in the program so it can be used in critical situations. The program can be run from the command line. It is possible to specify which folders you want to scan, as well as specify other useful parameters.Dr.Web CureIt, as a rule, does not conflict with your antivirus vendor. So you do not need to remove your antivirus; you can use them in parallel. The program can work without installation and with any carrier. This allows you to work with it from almost any device.
MD5: EDCDC7455737E240FF9B9B4DA293A236

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